Day 105 near senicove to lands end. Well today is the last day. Short hike to lands end with Katy who’s doing the south west coast path. I brought aload of food as it was reduced in price forgetting that there would only be about 3km walk today. I even brought a bottle of champagne for the finish not thinking that I need get transport back at the end. Not much to say about the last 3km it was not emotional really. The whole hike from the start was not hard for me physically but mentally due to lack of sleep push me to the limits specially after going from the wild into urban areas when brain wants to shut down while carrying 2 backpacks. I could see lands end from where I was camping. I signed the official book at the end and had a look round lands end. But for me it was the the hike it was not about getting to the end. I met so many people from all over and it was very very enlightenment moment. I would recomend any one do this hike really was amazing but I am not sad it’s over :)

Day 104 gurnards head to near senicove. This morning was interesting as the raf rescue helicopter was training on the rock right by our tents. Today I was walking with Katy who is doing the whole of the south west coast path. We managed to find a really cool place to wild camp near senicove. Tomorrow I be at lands end but it’s never over. I am planning on hiking the te Araroa end to end trail in new Zealand in February 2015.

Day 103 st Ives international backpackers to gurnards head. Late start as a nice Italian couple gave me a fair bit of rum and I had vodka to celebrate almost at the end. Bit of a hang over this morning. Today I was hiking with Katy who doing the whole south west coast path. Picked a cool camping spot at Gurnards Head.

Day 101 porthtowan to navax point. 2nd time priemer shop tried charge me extra with out telling me. First time try charge extra for using a credit card with out telling me which I am sure is not aloud any more and 2nd time try charge me for a plastic bag with out telling me. Seems it’s standard practice for supermarkets to mislead you with price labels to. If I get mislead what price I am paying I expect a apology and a discount for trying to trick me :)

Day 96 random rocks to random farm. Another fantastic day. Amazing views. Good weather. The other night dolphins swam past my tent. I seen so far red deer, a rare wild pine cat, fox, snakes, lizards, dolphins, seals, owl, wild horses, wild ponies, alpacas, sheep, cows, pigs, peacocks, eagles, rabbits, rats, squrails. Today I went through port isaac famous for a well know tv drama. I ended up going 1km the wrong direction as I was ment come of the coast path at Port isaac to avoid the Padstow river ferry as I am walking the whole way a boat would be cheating.